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Here at Seneca Balance, we strive to achieve energy efficiency by applying upgrades to new and current mechanical systems by means of a variety of HVAC services.

Our services include:

  • Air Balancing
  • Hydronic Balancing
  • Leak Testing
  • Fume Hood Testing
  • Sound Testing
  • Vibrating Testing
  • Lab Pressurization Testing
  • Building Envelope Testing
  • Engineering Consulting
  • And More!


Is your building or business spending excessive amounts on electricity bills? Are your operating costs exceeding your allotted budget? Are your occupants complaining of comfort issues? Do air registers make a noise? Does it take more than 10 seconds for hot water to begin flowing?

If you answered yes to any of these, you may have a poorly balanced HVAC system. If this is the case, one (e.g. the building engineer) would continue to adjust system settings to meet the occupants needs, but every adjustment made will likely decrease overall efficiency of the system and increase energy costs.
By having a properly balanced system, your building could satisfy the needs of your occupants while saving thousands on energy costs.
The key to testing, adjusting, and balancing, is to find the optimal relationship between energy consumption and occupant comfort. Most commercial buildings spend about 30% of their total energy costs on the operation of HVAC equipment.
Upgrading the equipment of an existing system shows further savings. In a recent case study conducted by Fluke, Inc., adding a single heat exchanger (& associated fittings) to an existing HVAC system showed a savings of 87.5% over the winter season compared to energy costs prior to the upgrade. That's Right! The owner was able to save $9,954 over a four month period.1
Fluke also recommends the following tips to optimize HVAC systems.
  • Measure Airflows - Use duct traverses to measure air pressure, velocity, and flow. If the pressure is too high and/or the airflow is too low, check for dirty coils, fans, and filters that could be congesting the system.
  • Check Ventilation - Many buildings are either under-ventilated (causing poor indoor air quality) or over ventilation (causing excessive energy costs).
  • Add VFDs - Use variable frequency drives (VFDs) to more efficiently regulate motors and pumps. An upfront installation cost in exchange for long term savings.


We work on both new and retrofit construction in industrial, commercial, and even residential settings. 



Industrial Plants





Fluke Case Study